Saturday, February 17, 2007

Whyville is the best site ever made! EEYUP! :D

Ok, ok, sorry about the double post peoples.


Hello everybody! My name is eveena! I go to a wonderful website called, It's absolutely AMAZING!

So lets' start off at the beginning.

I was just a little newbie, but, yup, it started out alright. My eyes weren't that realistic, neither was any other face part I had on at that moment. I would always go to south beach, wondering what the names of the parts on my idols' face's were called. They were always so beautiful, and popular, and so famous on whyville, I would always be jealous when I saw them, but I would have the urge to go on.

And then I happened to stumble upon one of my idols' city record's. The cute little poems and other little knick-knacks made me take not a single look, not a double take, but a triple GAZE.

Anyways, I happened to look upon the little word, "salary." That little word was so small, yet, it meant a WHOLE lot in the whyville world.

So I continued to ask everybody how to earn more money in my salary...Until one "oldbie" was nice enough to tell me how to raise my salary. And I worked hard at all the games that required skill and smartness so that you could get more clams on your salary. I worked on, and on, until I got up to 69 clams a day! And then I did some more extra work, and I was able to earn up to 72 clams! That's a whole lot!

So I continued my whyville life, making friends, handing out clams to the newbies that I knew. started out like me. And then one day, it happened. I got hacked. I didn't have the knowledge of knowing that I could ask out the city workers that I could get help in getting my new account back. So I made up another account, forced to put the feeling of telling all my other friends to keep asking my other account, eveena, to give her back to me. And then I found out that I could send my password back to my parent's email address! So I sent it, and they told me my password. And I got Eveena back! I was SO happy. I also noticed that my salary was now up to 85 clams a day! But I couldn't help but feel bad. And that's how I started out.

My typical day in whyville would be just a day at south beach, my favorite spot, waiting for a friend to pop up. Or maybe spending a day with my friends and spending time with friend in real life, ONLINE! Maybe getting myself a make-over, protecting others from scams. Maybe buying a new face-part for my avatar. Sending, replying, or deleting whyville mail.

My favorite event that has, and is still going on, would be the red tide event. Figuring out the different ways of making this new virus go away has an exciting feel to it, and trying to make south beach and north beach pretty again would be an absolute wonderful reward. Not to mention the clams that whyville would give you for it, *cough cough*

I also have had one experience with whypox, let me tell you, it's not as fun as it sounds. Imagine writing a whole little bubble of words, pressing enter, and when you press enter, instead of entering your own little bubble of words, all you see are five letters that I resent so much...


Oh how I despise those letters. Which is why you should watch out for that little person saying "Achoo" on whyvillle. Thank goodness whyflu season is over.

The best designer on whyville, in my opinion, would be YargPixie, one of the best designers, and one of the nicest oldbies on whyville.

Well that's whyville in a nutshell, guaranteed to make you smile all day. :) is the best site ever made! EEEEYUP! :D